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Here we shared the best technique to track fuel mileage on any kind of cars. All you need is a calculator to track mileage on your car base on the fuel you buy. You don’t need a PDA, pocket pc, or any kind of software in your home computer to track the mileage. This is because every car gives different fuel mileage even though same make and model year. It mainly depends on the way you drive the car.

Here we simply share the easiest 5 steps technique to track your own car fuel mileage base on your own driving pattern. It is not 100% accurate but the data is good enough for you to calculate your monthly fuel budget as well as calculate your monthly car payment.

Step 1 Record when fuel up

Record your current mileage and fuel level when you fuel up your car. It is recommended that you start your tracking when your fuel level is very low or nearly empty. Write down both records from odometer and fuel indicator. For example, current mileage 12,000 miles and current fuel level is 0.1 gallon, and you fuel up 30 gallons of gasoline.

Step 2 Calculate fuel mileages per gallon

Now, calculate the fuel mileage in mpg (miles per gallon) when your fuel indicator level down to 0.1 gallon. Take the total miles you travel divide the fuel you used. The formula goes like this:

Total miles traveled / Fuel used (gallon)

In example above, if the mileage on your car show 13,000 miles, the calculation will be:

13,000 – 12,000 / 30 = 33 mpg

Step 3 Repeat tracking

Repeat Step 1 and Step 2 for few times and get the average result. This is to track fuel mileage in a more accurate way. It is time to check your car if you feel your car’s gas mileage is getting worse and the difference is very big. See also Top 10 most fuel efficient and reliable used cars, changing a fuel filter, and where is the fuel filter located.

Tips to get better fuel mileage

Here are the top 5 tips to get a better mileage that most of the people over look.

Consistent filling

Always fill up the car until the petrol pump automatic cuts off or fill it to the top of the neck. Inconsistent filling will give a poorer MPG.

No hard acceleration

Hard acceleration always gives poorer MPG. Check out learning to drive standard cars. The car will need more petrol for combustion. This doesn’t means slow acceleration give the best MPG. What you need is accelerate the car moderately!

Empty your car boot

It is common sense that heavier goes lesser. The lesser things in your car boot will definitely give you a better mileage.

Tires air pressure

Check the car tires pressure constantly. Make sure the air pressure is not too much and also not too less. Follow the user manuals gave to you when you purchase the car.

Limit speed for better mileage

Always limit your car to high speed for better mileage. A speed that gives good mileage stands around 55-65 mph. See more at Top 10 Fuel saving tips.

In conclusion, if you feel your car is not giving you a satisfy mileage, it is time to track the mileage.
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