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Changing a fuel filter


Changing a fuel filter on any cars is something very simple and easy as long as you follow the 3 steps fuel filter replacement given here. Here we show you step by step instruction to remove and replace a fuel filter in correct way with correct tools. It just takes a few minutes to complete! It could be an easy job if the method is correct and it could be a hard job if the way to do it is incorrect.

Tools you need to change a fuel filter

There is an old say, “Right tool gives the right result.” No matter what task you are going to perform, right tools is always come first. Here is what you need to change fuel filter:

  • Fuel line removal tool.
  • Open end wrenches.
  • Eyeglasses. To protect your eye from any fuel explosive.
  • Hand glove.
  • A New fuel filter.
  • New fuel line washers.

Where is the fuel filter located?

Changing a fuel filter may be easy but locating a fuel filter on your car sometimes could be anal. Every different car manufacturer locates the fuel filter at different places. It could be at the car underneath, it could be at engine bay, it could near to fuel injection or carburetor. See also: Where is the fuel filter located?

fuel filter location

The fastest way to locate the fuel filter in your car is refer to the vehicle service manual. You can also find from the internet by key in your car make and model year. Alternatively, you can trace it start from your fuel tank, follow the fuel pipe and for sure you will see it.

When should I change fuel filter?

It is suggested to change the fuel filter annually. It depends on your usage. For high mileage cars, change it more frequently.

Steps to change fuel filter

Here you go for the steps.

Step 1 Remove fuel system pressure

Allow the car engine to cool down for at least 1 hour before you start your work. NEVER try to change a fuel filter while the engine is still hot. You will have to locate the fuel pump fuse and remove it. The location of the fuel pump fuse can be found in your car service manual. Check out Ford Owner’s Manual, Ford Repair Manuals, Free User Manuals. Note that some car may not have fuse pump, in that case, find the relay that operates the fuel pump and remove it or disconnect it. Start the engine and wait until it stops itself when the fuel is running out. This gives safer work.

fuel pimp relay location

Step 2 Remove fuel filter

For carbureted fuel system, remove the clamps on the fuel line which connected to the fuel filter using pliers. After that loosen the hose and disconnect it.

For injection fuel system, the pressure is usually greater, thus the fuel lines are normally made of metal. You will need two open end wrenches to remove the fuel lines at both ends. Some cars will need to use fuel line removal tools, please check your user manuals.

You can now remove the fuel filter with the fuel lines disconnected. There will be a little fuel leaking in this step. Catch it with fuel-proof container or rags.

fuel filter

Step 3 Install new fuel filter

Connect the new fuel filter to the same position where you have just removed the old fuel filter. For carbureted fuel system, connect the fuel filter, fuel lines, filter hose and tighten the clamps.

For injection fuel system, connect the fuel filter, and use the right tools to tighten the line connectors.

Last but not least, remember to replace the fuel pump fuse.

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In conclusion, practice makes perfect. You can easily change the fuel filter on any cars such as 2002 navigator, 98 Dodge Durango, 2006 Mustang GT, Ford F150, 2001 Yukon, VW diesel car and among others as long as you have master the technique of changing a fuel filter.
underneath fuel filter


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