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Top 10 Fuel saving tips


Here is the best Top 10 fuel saving tips that helps you to get more mileage, save more money, and enhance your car’s fuel economy as well as use less fuel. These tips are for any cars regardless of cars under 1000 dollars or any exotic fast cars, trucks, 4 wheel drive, pimped out cars or any other vehicles. Saving a penny more from fuel expenses can help you to pay a penny more to your monthly car paymentand anytime helps you to finish your car loan earlier than expected. Therefore it is important to know and use up these tips to start saving today!

Here we go for the most delicious top 10 saving tips one by one:

Fuel saves tips 1 – Tighten vehicle gas caps

It is often that careless people always having loose gas cap on their vehicle. This allows fuel to evaporate in a certain period of time. Can you imagine there is about 17 percent of the vehicle on the roads having either damaged, loose or missing gas cap? These cause 147 million gallons of gas vaporize just like that every year.

Fuel saves tips 2 – Under inflated tires

Do you feel like driving with the e-brake on when tires are not inflated properly? Learning to drive a carmay be easy but learning to take care of a car is another knowledge we need to know. This can anytime cost a mile or two per gallon.

Fuel saves tips 3 – Clean spark plugs

Clean spark plugs will definitely helps to save more fuel and use less. On the other hand, worn spark plugs will cause misfiring and inefficient internal combustion and waste quite a lot of fuel. It needs to be replaced according to your car manufacturer.

Fuel saves tips 4 – Air filters and fuel filters

Air filters’ job is to filter and clog all sort of dust and dirt. It chokes off the air and creates clean air and rich mixture. Using a right and good air filter will at least improve fuel mileage by 10 percent or saving up to 20 cents a gallon. In long term, it may helps to save up thousand dollars with these fuel saving tips. See also changing a fuel filter, where is the fuel filter located, and track fuel mileage.

Fuel saves tips 5 – O2 sensor

A worn O2 sensor unable to detect and adjust air and fuel mixture, this will cost extra fuel to burn off and extra fuel to be used for the same distance. Do check out how much per mile does it cost to drive a car.

Fuel saves tips 6 – Clean engine oil

This is why some of the manufacturer recommends changing the engine oil at certain mileage. Dirty engine oil will cause internal engine friction increase, extra fuel is wasted in this case.

Fuel saves tips 7 – Avoid high speeds

It’s not only taking care or maintains the car will help to save some fuel on your trip. Avoid high speeds when driving as high speed always needs “high” fuel consumption. Driving 62 mph (100kmh) can anytime save up 15% on fuel consumption if compare to 75 mph (120kmh).

Fuel saves tips 8 – Do not accelerate hard

Remember ONLY accelerate hard when you are in racing track if you want to prove you are better than other. Accelerate or brake hard in your daily drive will cost you extra 20% fuel if you notice. See gasoline price history.

Fuel saves tips 9 – Do not drive over weight

You will need to know how much does your car weigh and do not drive the car over weight. Heavy vehicle is obviously higher fuel consumption if compare to vehicle with light.

Fuel saves tips 10 – Buy a fuel efficient car

This may sounds funny but it is true and really work. Buy a fuel efficient car and check out our Top 10 most fuel efficient cars.

So, have you learned up the top 10 fuel saving tips?fuel saving tips


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