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Ford Think electric car

Ford Think was a new electric car introduced by TH!NK Mobility in Spring 2002. The production of Ford Think cars ceased at the same year due to too many recalls and poor sales in America. However, the TH!NK has brought some of the owner some fun and some memories during the short period. Let’s check out what had happened in 2002 for these electric cars.

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Fisker Karma electric car

Fisker Karma electric car is the first luxury 4-door sedan electric cars in the world with very special electric cars technology from Fisker. The Karma is using the plug-in hybrid technology specially developed for Fisker Automotive by Quantum Technologies and it is known as the “Q-Drive technology”. What makes the Fisker Karma special is the combination of the gasoline engine and electric motor.

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How to build an electric car

Here are steps on how to build an electric car using any cars with electric car motors, batteries and how to build the motor into the car with simple conversions. There are plenty of ways to build an electric powered car with wheel motors either using any donor cars, convert gasoline powered cars, or build it from scratch using kit cars. You can choose any preference base on your budget.

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Electric car conversions

All you need to know about electric car conversions, electric car motors, batteries, and how to build an electric powered car with simple conversion is here. There are many ways to convert any fuel powered cars to electric powered from cheap method to expensive method. The conversion could be done by purchasing a set of pre-made electric car conversion kit according to specific car model or custom select the needed parts base on the electric car plan.

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Advantages of electric car

Here are some of the advantages of electric car and disadvantages of electric car. Electric cars have become common since 90’s if you read about the famous story of the company Electric Car Mendomotive and also a 2006 documentary film “Who killed the electric car”.

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Electric car conversion kit

Here is your attractive A-list of electric car conversion kit available for sale and 3 ways to convert any cars to electric-powered with this conversion kit easily. Electric cars have become more famous since 1990’s when gasoline price rises very high if you check on gasoline price history. During the 90’s, there are a lot of stories and incidents happen for electric cars where we would recommend you to watch the documentary film “Who killed the electric car”. This documentary film reflects what had happen to electric cars in real …