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Advantages of electric car


Here are some of the advantages of electric car and disadvantages of electric car. Electric cars have become common since 90’s if you read about the famous story of the company Electric Car Mendomotive and also a 2006 documentary film “Who killed the electric car”.

Thanks to one of the greatest inventor of the car, Robert Anderson who was the first person invented the crude electric carriage and electric car during 1832 to 1839. With his invention, here comes the electric car today. Let’s see the Top 10 advantages of having or driving an electric car.

Electric car is cheap to buy

The cost to buy an electric car is cheap compared to some gasoline powered car. This is because the size is smaller, and the body is lighter. The cost to build an electric car is no longer expensive today.

Pay less and go further

Say goodbye to petrol station! You will only need to plug in your car to electricity and charge it to go further. It cost just a dollar for you to run 75-100 miles.

Cheaper and low maintenance

The design of an electric car is simpler than gasoline-powered car. It has only got one motor powered by electric. No engine oil, oil filter, spark plugs, or timing belt maintenance.

No overheat

Most of the electric car has got no radiator so no overheat problem. No maintenance or coolant needed!

Electric powered go longer lifetime

Do you know that an electric car can last for at least millions of miles? Most of the European cars engine today is measured in 100,000 – 200,000 miles, same goes for American cars, best you can go for 300,000 – 400,000 miles for a real good Japanese car like Toyota or Honda. If you drive an electric car for 50 miles a day, you can at least use it for 100 years!

More safety

Powered by electric, no engine combustion, no gasoline, safer to drive! The top speed will not go over 100 mph, so daddy no worries.

Quiet to travel

Electric car is quiet to travel. You will not hear “VRROOOMMM”. Can you imagine every car in the city is electric car? If you would like to convert your gasoline-powered car to electric-powered, you can try out the electric car conversion kit.

Save environment

No combustion, no burnings, no air pollution, no carbon dioxide produce from the car like gasoline-powered car. Electric cars produce zero emissions at any point of use. It helps to save the environment.


Another great reason why electric cars are good to drive is because of convenient. It gives a better mileage, easy to park, and easy to navigate especially for woman (see also Learning to drive a car).

Personal tax deduction

In some country, driving an electric vehicle makes you eligible for tax credits from the federal government. This is because driving an electric car is a car that hosts clean fuel and save the world.

In conclusion, an electric car is using electric motor instead of an engine, batteries instead of a petrol fuel tank. It brings a lot of advantages to our society. The question is, why we don’t see or only able to see very little electric cars on the road today even there are many advantages of electric car.
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