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Electric car conversion kit


Here is your attractive A-list of electric car conversion kit available for sale and 3 ways to convert any cars to electric-powered with this conversion kit easily. Electric cars have become more famous since 1990’s when gasoline price rises very high if you check on gasoline price history. During the 90’s, there are a lot of stories and incidents happen for electric cars where we would recommend you to watch the documentary film “Who killed the electric car”. This documentary film reflects what had happen to electric cars in real life in the early 1990s. Let’s check out the conversion kit!

It is great to understand what all the parts needed, the cost, and the time required to convert a donor car to electric car. Here is the list of parts available in the conversion kit:

Drive systems

There are 2 types of drive system available which is AC drive systems or DC drive systems.

DC Drive Systems. DC is means Direct current. What is needed will be motor, adaptor, controller, potbox, contactor, circuit breaker, charger and the conversion kit. You will need custom kits for special car as every car’s body structure is different.

AC Drive Systems. Drive systems has always be the first concern among the conversion kits. This has included the electric motor, gearbox, adaptor, control system, potbox, and also charger. With AC drive system, you will need the AC conversion kits such as the direct drive kit and manual transmission kit depends on light vehicle or heavy vehicle.

Electric car accessories

The electric car accessories has included gauges, small parts, fuses, terminal blocks, relays, shunts, power brake vacuum pump, DC or AC converter.

Motor and battery mounts

Now you have the whole set of electric car conversion kit, but you will still need the motor mounts where you have to convert the engine mount to place your electric motor. Besides, you will also need a place for battery racks and batter boxes no matter what car you are going to convert.

Where to buy the conversion kit?

Here we shared some of the famous conversion kit dealer.

Electro Automotive. Electro Automotive have 30 years experience in this business and one of the oldest electric conversion parts suppliers. They do give advice to electronic components, wiring techniques and details to convert any cars to electric-powered.

Wilderness EV. A professional to convert VWs, Geo Metro, Ford Festiva into electric with their custom build conversion kits. Wilderness EV can be reached at P.O.Box 1612, Spanish Fork, Utah 84660. Phone: 801-628-6509. Email: wildernessev@msn.com.

Cost of electric conversion kit

The DIY cost to convert a car to electric on a DC system is between $8,000 and $11,000. This has not including the donor car and labor. The cost will be in between $12,000 and $18,000 if you hire a company to do the conversion. This will be a better choice for some people who do not have any tools or space. Anything above $20,000 is considered above market price.

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However, we should have thank to Robert Anderson who was the first person invented the crude electric carriage and electric cars between 1832 and 1839 and became one of the greatest contributor among all inventor of the car. Without him we may not have electric car conversion kit.


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