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Ford Think electric car


Ford Think was a new electric car introduced by TH!NK Mobility in Spring 2002. The production of Ford Think cars ceased at the same year due to too many recalls and poor sales in America. However, the TH!NK has brought some of the owner some fun and some memories during the short period. Let’s check out what had happened in 2002 for these electric cars.

Ford Think electric car
Although the TH!NK lifetime are short, there are total of four models available in only 11 states in U.S. market which are the TH!NK Neighbor, TH!NK City, TH!NK Bike Traveler, and TH!NK Bike Fun.

Ford TH!NK City

The TH!NK City is a comfort two-seat electric car and the top speed of the car is 56 mph. It is comfortable to drive and has good mobility. From 0 – 30 mph take the TH!NK City 7 seconds.

Ford TH!NK Neighbor

This is one of the most famous electric car from Ford. The top speed of the TH!NK Neighbor is limited to 25 mph by NHTSA requirement. There is also a “turf” mode where driver can set and limit its top speed to 15 mph for golf course usage.

There are many recall, safety issues, electric cars defects, and protesters after Ford launched the TH!NK electric cars. This has resulting Ford ship the electric car business to Norway.

What’s good about it?

  • The Ford TH!NK is classified as electric vehicle where you can get electric car tax credit.
  • It gives 30 miles range each time the battery charged.
  • The cost to recharge the car is only 50 cents within hours.
  • It is road legal to drive everywhere in the state.
  • It costs $6,500 for basic 2 passenger model to $9,500 for 4 passenger model.
  • Low maintenance as it has got no timing belt, engine oil, or filter to change.
  • Ford think is no doubt a zero emissions and economical vehicle to drive in town.

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