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Who killed the electric car?

Who killed the electric car? Here is your absolute information and facts for this 2006 documentary film that reflects the electric cars in real life has been killed cruelly in the early 1990s. Do you know that what happened to the electric car and over hundreds of them was killed and crushed? The story started in January 1990 when GM (General Motors) chairman Roger Smith introduced an electric concept car at Los Angeles Auto Show. The electric car named “GM EV1” was then produced and leased in some of the …

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Electric Car Mendomotive

Electric Car Mendomotive was a famous company back in the mid 90’s that specially build electric cars from common cars and also convert gasoline cars into electric cars. The company founder Stephen Heckeroth who is an enthusiast to build and convert gasoline car into electric cars to save the environment as well as help out people to save cost. How scary the gas price compared to the 80’s if you check out the gasoline price history.

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Compressed air car

Ever heard of compressed air car? It is a car that powered by compressed air engine which the engine moves by compressed air. There are many types of compressed air cars, some of these car powered only by compressed air, but some are combined with gasoline, diesel or electric plant in a certain ratio. The outlooks of these cars usually are small and not weighty except the magnetic air car.