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Fisker Karma electric car


Fisker Karma electric car is the first luxury 4-door sedan electric cars in the world with very special electric cars technology from Fisker. The Karma is using the plug-in hybrid technology specially developed for Fisker Automotive by Quantum Technologies and it is known as the “Q-Drive technology”. What makes the Fisker Karma special is the combination of the gasoline engine and electric motor.

Most of the car manufacturer started to target on Electric vehicle or EV ever since the gasoline price has been rising (see also gasoline price history). This has also include the luxury sports sedan Fisker Karma.

Specification of Fisker Karma

  • Engine – 2.0 litres (120 cu in) with turbocharged Ecotec VVT DI
  • 2 Electric motors – 201BHP equivalent each
  • Transmission – rear differential mating the two electric motors
  • Interior – suitable for 4 adults and luggage at the boot
  • Price – US$87,900

The beauty of the Karma is the luxury and remarkable look that save the environment. If you own a Karma, you can charge the car overnight and burns no fuel for the first 50 miles on the next day. It is just perfect for people who travel 50 miles a day.

The Karma will automatically switch to gasoline engine once it has reached 50 miles. With no worries, the engine will turn on a generator to charge the lithium ion battery and works like a normal Hybrid car. Isn’t it is fantastic?

So, what else is so interesting about the Fisker Karma electric car? The factory option allows the Karma to be fitted with a solar panel on the roof to recharge the lithium ion batteries. Other than that, the solar is also to aid the cabin climate control system by generating 0.5 KWH a day to give more 4-5 miles. Additionally, you can purchase a set of solar panels and fit to your garage to charge the Karma using free sun light! This is just even perfect for tropical country.

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In conclusion, there will be zero emissions and zero compromise by using Fisker karma electric car.


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