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First car ever made

The automobile history begins in 1600s and first ever made car is a steam-propelled car designed by Ferdinand Verbiest in 1672 in China. As the vehicle was only 65 cm long and it is not designed to carry human passengers, therefore some car enthusiasts did not strictly recognize Verbiest’s designed as a car. However, the definition of car is a vehicle with four wheels and can be propelled by any power, thus this vehicle is known as the Verbiest’s car as well as the first car ever made.

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Who makes the Mini Cooper

Who makes the Mini Cooper? Here we tell you the answer of who design the Mini car, who manufacture the Mini, and who creates and make the Mini Cooper. The interesting Mini story started from 1959 when Sir Alec Issigonis designed and launched the first Mini car. In 1957, two years before the first Mini was launched, Britain was in the middle of oil crisis and demand for fuel efficient small-car is very high. At the time, president of the British Motor Corporation (BMC) Leonard Lord has decided to build …

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Who owns this car

Here are top 5 ways to find out who owns this car, who owns that car, and 3 ways on how to find out who owns a car using license plate or registration number. If someone hit your car and run away, try to remember the license plate number in the shortest time you can before the car gone too far. You can find out who owns a particular car using the license plate in many ways and look for compensation from the owner or from owner’s insurance.

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Who invented the first car

Who invented the first car? Here is the list of who invented the first gasoline-powered car, self-propelled vehicle, steam-powered car, and electric cars. The most recognized person who invented the first ever car powered by gasoline is Karl Benz. Nevertheless, there are still many inventor of the car who contributed a lot in bringing up automobile industry today.

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Inventor of the car

Inventor of the car may be riddle but the answer for inventor of gasoline cars has been widely recognized as Karl Benz. He unveiled Motorwagen in 1886 and this car generally known as the first patent gasoline or petrol powered car. The definition of a car is a wheeled vehicle either 3 wheels or 4 wheels with its own motor and self-propelled. There are quite a number of history record show cars has been invented before Karl Benz but most of these cars are powered by steam and some inventors …

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Who killed the electric car?

Who killed the electric car? Here is your absolute information and facts for this 2006 documentary film that reflects the electric cars in real life has been killed cruelly in the early 1990s. Do you know that what happened to the electric car and over hundreds of them was killed and crushed? The story started in January 1990 when GM (General Motors) chairman Roger Smith introduced an electric concept car at Los Angeles Auto Show. The electric car named “GM EV1” was then produced and leased in some of the …