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Here are top 5 ways to find out who owns this car, who owns that car, and 3 ways on how to find out who owns a car using license plate or registration number. If someone hit your car and run away, try to remember the license plate number in the shortest time you can before the car gone too far. You can find out who owns a particular car using the license plate in many ways and look for compensation from the owner or from owner’s insurance.

Usually there are many reasons when someone wants to find out who owns a particular car. Hit and run is just one of the most common cases. Some other cases might be someone sees a very special antique car or classic car and he has got the intention to buy the car, you will need to find out the owner of the car.

Other than that, here are some reasons why some people need to find out a car owner:

  • If you are suspicious about a particular car that is not driven by the owner in your neighborhood, it is like “Hey, someone else is driving my neighbor’s car”.
  • You want to find out the owner of a car that drives crazily in your town and report to the police.
  • You witness a suspicious car that parked at backstreet for a certain period.

However, the main point is not the reason why, is how to find out who owns a particular car.

Can I find out who owns a car

The answer is YES. Every country has its own restrictions to vehicle owner’s information. Therefore it depends on where you live and how are you going to find out the owner of a vehicle. Here we shared some useful tips on how to do it.

If you are living in the UK, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is the right place where you can find out detail information of a car owner. It has all kind of vehicle registration details in the UK including the registration number, changes to registration certificate, registration for rebuilt cars, kit cars, imported cars, and among others. DVLA requires you to provide an acceptable reason why you need the information and a small amount of charges.

In United States, if hit and run cases happen to you and you have record down the license plate, you should go through car accident lawyers to look for maximum compensation. This is because the Federal law in U.S prevents any average citizen from obtaining the owner details of any cars.

Other than that, you can always go to police station, local government authorities, your local car related forum, or car insurance companies are also places to find out the details of any cars as long as you have a legitimate reason want to know who owns a car.
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