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Who invented the car

Who invented the car? One of the widely recognize answer is Karl Benz. The first car invented by him in 1885 and unveiled in 1886 as the first petrol powered car. Karl Benz, as what his name told us, the “Benz”, he is the pioneer founder of all the automobile manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz. Karl Benz was born in 25 November 1844. He was a great German automobile engineer who specialize in designing car engine and generally well known as the inventor of petrol powered car.

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First car invented

Who invented the first car? The first car invented and built in 1885 and unveiled in 1886 by Karl Benz. The first car, Benz Patent Motorwagen, is the first car ever made in history powered by gasoline with an engine motorized by an internal combustion. Before 1885, there are some steam powered and electric powered car invented by Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot and Robert Anderson, but Karl Benz’s invention is widely recognize as the first car or the first automobile in the history, which is, a vehicle designed to be propelled by …