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First Car Death

Have you ever wonder where and when was the world’s first car death? Karl Benz was the first person, who invented the first car powered by gasoline in 1886. At that time the Benz Patent Motorwagen top speed is already 11.81 mph (19 kmh) which is fast enough to hurt a people. However, the first person who died in a car accident according to history was happened on 1869 before Karl Benz’s car was invented.

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Ford Model A Cars For Sale

Here is the list of updated Ford Model A cars for sale. Most of the Ford cars here are the Model A from 1927 to 1931. Ford Model A from 1903 to 1904 has been a real antique and it happens only once in a blue moon that if someone is selling it. This is because only 1700 units were produced from 1903 to 1904 and it was the first car produced by Ford Motor Company. Therefore, it is extremely rare on the road today, mostly are in museum.

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Sand Drag Car For Sale

Here is the updated A-list of sand drag car for sale from A to Z. Unlike Ford or Toyota, sand drag cars are not commonly can be seen for sale at any used car dealers. However, there is a will there is a way, sand drag car lovers can always drop by here to view the for sale list here. It will be updated from time to time by readers and sellers from around the world.

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DeLorean for sale

Rare cars for sale! Here we have a wonderful and immaculate condition DeLorean for sale. This is a 1981 DeLorean DMC-12. Originally built by DeLorean Motor Company and this is one of the most wanted back to the future DeLorean. The DMC-12 was featured as the time machine in Back to the Future movie as the Back To The Future Car. Now it can be yours for just £18999 or any offers around this price.

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Top selling cars in the US

Here is the top 10 2010 Top selling cars in the US as well as the prediction for what will be on the top for year 2011 based on the statistic. Well, it seems that American loves what Henry Ford brought to us since Henry Ford first car was introduced to the market in 1896. The Ford F-Series still number one best selling cars in the US in 2008, 2009, as well as 2010.

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Say goodbye to US four car brands

It’s time to say goodbye to US four car brands, Pontiac, Mercury, Saturn, and Hummer. The performance of these cars is very good without a single doubt, but they have taken a long leave from automotive industry and these nameplates have gone the way of the Edsel.