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Say goodbye to US four car brands


It’s time to say goodbye to US four car brands, Pontiac, Mercury, Saturn, and Hummer. The performance of these cars is very good without a single doubt, but they have taken a long leave from automotive industry and these nameplates have gone the way of the Edsel.

In automotive world, every year we are able to see new models introduced by car manufacturers, which is something really excited for car enthusiasts. However, in 2011, we’ll have to say goodbye to the mentioned four US car brands due to economic downturn that began in late 2008 in US, which also make the US dollar fall to the lowest in history.

One of the mentioned four brands, Hummer, was introduced to the market since 1992 as High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV or Hum-Vee). The Hummer H1 was a celebrity of the Persian Gulf War. It is the most short-lived among other three brands. Goodbye Hummer.

For Pontiac and Mercury, they are always maintained a more balanced product portfolio. They have longer life-spans. Both Pontiac and Mercury were founded in 1939 by Edsel Ford, son of Henry Ford, to market entry-level-luxury cars. The name of “Mercury” is derived from the Roman mythology which means “messenger of the gods”, but it seems now the messenger has to go back to Edsel.

Last but not least, the Saturn. It is a famous car manufacturer and marque established in the US in 1985. During 1990 to 2000, Saturn brand was marketed as a “different kind of car company”. In 1996, the company produced the shortest living electric cars on earth, the GM EV1, which later becoming the subject of the film “Who killed the Electric Car?” Since 2009, Saturn sales fall through and that is the reason it forced to say goodbye.


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