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Top selling cars in the US


Here is the top 10 2010 Top selling cars in the US as well as the prediction for what will be on the top for year 2011 based on the statistic. Well, it seems that American loves what Henry Ford brought to us since Henry Ford first car was introduced to the market in 1896. The Ford F-Series still number one best selling cars in the US in 2008, 2009, as well as 2010.


  1. Ford F-Series – 19 mpg on highway and 14 mpg city drives and the quality you can find in Ford F-Series had make the car became top selling brand in the US for few years. Estimated a total number of 49,858 units were sold.
  2. Chevrolet Silverado – 20 mph on highway and 15 mph city drives. Chevrolet Silverado stayed at number 2 with MSRP price from $20,850 to $41,775.
  3. Toyota Camry – Well, the world’s best selling car brand Toyota slipped in number 3.
  4. Honda Civic – Thanks to the eighth generation Civic FD, Honda Civic ranked number 4 with estimated 28,458 units sold.
  5. Honda Accord – First landed in US in 1982 as the first Japanese car to be produced in the US. Honda Accord is still one of the top selling cars in the US today.
  6. Toyota Corolla – The list will never forget one of the most reliable cars, Toyota Corolla.
  7. Chevrolet Malibu – Simple and nice to use daily, the Malibu ranked number 7 based on the unit sold in US in 2010.
  8. Ford Fusion – 31 mph on highway and 22 mpg city drives, the Fusion slipped in to number eighth.
  9. Hyundai Sonata – Hyundai, one of world’s top 10 car manufacturers had make the Sonata in the top 10 list too.
  10. Honda CR-V – The compact crossover SUV that delivers comfort, practical, and versatility had made American give a big welcome for it.


  1. Ford F-Series – It will still the Ford F-Series for 2011.
  2. Will it be Toyota? or Chevrolet?
  3. Will it be Honda?
  4. Will it be Ford?
  5. To be updated.
  6. To be updated.
  7. To be updated.
  8. To be updated.
  9. To be updated.
  10. The list for year 2011 will be updated soon.

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