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1967 Ford Fairlane Drag Race Cars

Here are some of the juiciest 1967 Ford Fairlane drag race cars you can find in the world today as well as some of the greatest Ford Fairlane cars for sale. Drag racers really like to use the Ford Fairlane from 1955 to 1970 as a base car and modify it to become race cars or drag cars to go for many cars racing competition. However, after some time, racers may get bored and wanted to change new ride or new toy, and that’s always the best time to buy …

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Sand Drag Car For Sale

Here is the updated A-list of sand drag car for sale from A to Z. Unlike Ford or Toyota, sand drag cars are not commonly can be seen for sale at any used car dealers. However, there is a will there is a way, sand drag car lovers can always drop by here to view the for sale list here. It will be updated from time to time by readers and sellers from around the world.

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1952 Henry J Drag Car

Here is a list of nice Henry J Drag car for sales with reasonable price, Henry J drag car pictures, as well as some of the Henry J cars details and history that will surprise you. The production of Henry J began in 1950 when Kaiser-Frazer Corporation decided to build a car that affordable by American after World War. The name “Henry J” came from the company’s chairman’s name, Henry J. Kaiser.