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1967 Ford Fairlane Drag Race Cars


Here are some of the juiciest 1967 Ford Fairlane drag race cars you can find in the world today as well as some of the greatest Ford Fairlane cars for sale. Drag racers really like to use the Ford Fairlane from 1955 to 1970 as a base car and modify it to become race cars or drag cars to go for many cars racing competition. However, after some time, racers may get bored and wanted to change new ride or new toy, and that’s always the best time to buy these race cars.

If you wonder why Ford Fairlane is so famous in muscle cars world, we will tell you the reason. The name Fairlane came from Henry Ford’s (see also Henry Ford’s first car) estate which near to Dearborn, Michigan, Fair Lane. Generally, there are seven generations for Fairlne which are:

  1. First generation Ford Fairlane – 1955 to 1956
  2. Second generation Ford Fairlane – 1957 to 1959
  3. Third generation Ford Fairlane – 1960 to 1961
  4. Fourth generation Ford Fairlane – 1962 to 1965. In 1964, Ford introduced Ford Thunderbolt for drag racing which uses a V8 engines with two four-barrel carburetors on a high-riser manifold.
  5. Fifth generation Ford Fairlane – 1966 to 1967
  6. Sixth generation Ford Fairlane – 1968 to 1969
  7. Seventh genetarion Ford Fairlane – 1970

During 1960s, it is the top decades for American Muscle Cars . It is almost everyone’s dream to own a muscle car in America at that time even until today, 1960s American muscle cars are still one of the most sought-after cars. Originally, what is fitted under the fifth generation Ford Fairlane’s hood is a 427. However, it was not available on XL models. These three numbers may not be familiar to those who are not into muscle cars.

Ford Fairlane drag race cars for sale

1. 1964 Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt Clone complete race car for sale. As the title, it is a clone FE drag race car, going for US $15,500 OBO.

2. 1966 Ford Fairlane Roller. This car was well built to compete with bullet speed, okay, im exaggerate a little bit, just joking. The car is all steel and ready to accept your drivetrain. It is Pro built and NHRA certified, every go for $10,000 OBO.

3. 1966 Ford Fairlane. With tube chassis, super gas, US$39,000. Car is SOLD.

4. 1966 Ford Fairlane GT Drag car. Unique Ford drag car, 2 door hardtop, 427 engine produce around 500 HP. Floated rear with ladders bar, glass hood and trunk. Asking for US $17,000.

5. 1967 Ford Fairlane GTA for sale. S-Code original GTA for sale. This is a rare and super fast street car with many NOS parts. 532 cu in stroker 700 HP on motor and 950 HP with NOS. Asking price $34,500. Location of this car is at Wake Forest, North Carolina, United States.

1967 Ford Fairlane
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