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Play iPod through car CD player

There are many ways to play iPod through car CD player without have to make any holes to the dashboard or modify the CD player. Here we shared the top 3 easiest, cheapest, and simplest ways to play song from iPod through your car CD player or car stereo. A small hole you made to the dashboard will bring down the car price when you want to sell the car in future. Therefore, don’t go for any method that needs to modify your CD player or dashboard.

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How do I get a jammed CD out of a car stereo

Technique and tips on how do I get a jammed CD out of a car stereo is shared here. Getting jammed CD out of a car stereo is easier than you can imagine. It is not any serious car problems when a CD jammed inside the car CD player but it is something always makes us feel irritable. It may anytime screw up a date when the romantic songs are gone!

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Car CD player eject problems

5 main solutions to solve car CD player eject problems has been shared out here. It is not a serious problem like your car engine won’t start but sometimes it can be irritated or feeling annoyed when you want to change the CD in your car but the CD won’t eject in car stereo. It is a common thing happens to some of the cars in our daily life especially old car stereo or cars under 500 dollars. Therefore, learn the tricks to solve it are a good way to …

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CD won’t eject in car stereo

CD won’t eject in car stereo is a very common case. There are ways to solve this problem easily as this is the common issue always happen to cars. You will feel frustrated when your CD will not eject from your car stereo regardless of what you are riding even it is a super exotic sports cars.