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CD won’t eject in car stereo


CD won’t eject in car stereo is a very common case. There are ways to solve this problem easily as this is the common issue always happen to cars. You will feel frustrated when your CD will not eject from your car stereo regardless of what you are riding even it is a super exotic sports cars.

What to take note and what to do when CD won’t eject from the car stereo?

    1. You can always customize your own car or your own CDR. But it is not recommended to stomp any label on burned CD and play it with your car stereo. The CD will stuck inside if the label is not stomp or stamp properly. Never put any CDR with adhesive label especially if your car stereo is front-loading slot player. You will get shy if the song can’t be played and you are fetching hot car girls.

  1. If the stereo player has a small hole like computer CD–ROM, you can simply find a pin and poke in to the hole and force eject.
  2. Another easy way of getting the CD out is unplug the front part of the player (this is only applicable to certain CD player model such as Pioneer, Kenwood, JVC…etc), then force eject the CD and pull it out.
  3. The factory can take the stereo out and open it if the car still under warranty, thus, send back to claim it is the easiest way! But do take note the dealer may say you are using a CDR with labels on it and they cant give you the warranty. If you are driving Ford, you can refer to free ford wiring diagrams or ford f150 repair manual online.
  4. Remember to get a cleaner or grease to clean up the contact point where the CD contacts with the center ring. You will have to remove the player, open it up and clean off that area. Alternatively, a help from Tweezers to get the CD out is also a good way.

Well, when the CD stuck inside the stereo player definitely is not any harmless car pranks, skills is needed to get it out. Have a good day to learn when CD won’t eject in car stereo? Hope you enjoy this article.


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