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Car stereos color codes for Ford

This page is about car stereos color codes for Ford cars from A to Z. The list here will be updated from time to time so that it will be a complete car stereos color codes list for all Ford cars. Please email us if you have detail and accurate information for certain Ford models as well as the color codes.

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Color Codes for Car Stereos

Here is the compilation of all color codes for car stereos for all kind of cars including Ford, Dodge Mercury, GMC, Toyota, GM, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Honda, Nissan, Peugeot, Fiat, Suzuki, and among others. Different types of car stereo brand were used in different kind of cars like Pioneer, Kenwood, or HVC. Some wire colors may be different than colors describe here. It is depends on the car brand and model year. Therefore please check properly the car model before starting any job.

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Play iPod through car CD player

There are many ways to play iPod through car CD player without have to make any holes to the dashboard or modify the CD player. Here we shared the top 3 easiest, cheapest, and simplest ways to play song from iPod through your car CD player or car stereo. A small hole you made to the dashboard will bring down the car price when you want to sell the car in future. Therefore, don’t go for any method that needs to modify your CD player or dashboard.

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Pictures of Pioneer super tuner iiid car receivers

Here are the pictures of Pioneer super tuner iiid car receivers and some instructions on how to install the Pioneer super tuner iiid car receivers. Besides, here we listed out the top 3 car CD players that come with the Super Tuner iiid feature and also where can you buy it cheap.

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What size speakers fit my car

Here we give you delicious tips on how to choose the speakers size that best fit into your car. The theory bigger sounds better do not apply to car speaker. There are many factors that consideration you need to take when choosing the right speaker size for your car such as the speaker power, speaker input, and output for your car. The most important thing is it has to match with your player or your amplifier.

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How do I get a jammed CD out of a car stereo

Technique and tips on how do I get a jammed CD out of a car stereo is shared here. Getting jammed CD out of a car stereo is easier than you can imagine. It is not any serious car problems when a CD jammed inside the car CD player but it is something always makes us feel irritable. It may anytime screw up a date when the romantic songs are gone!