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Car stereos color codes for Ford


This page is about car stereos color codes for Ford cars from A to Z. The list here will be updated from time to time so that it will be a complete car stereos color codes list for all Ford cars. Please email us if you have detail and accurate information for certain Ford models as well as the color codes.

The color codes for Ford car stereos shown here is for general Ford cars. Please double check with the owner’s manual or consults some experts before fixing any wiring work in your car.

What is the wire for? Typical Ford In Dash Wire Color “Typical” New Radio Equivalent
Wire Color
Right Front Speaker (+) Blue with White Stripe Gray
Right Front Speaker (-) White Gray with Black Stripe
Left Front Speaker (+) Purple White
Left Front Speaker (-) Blue with Orange Stripe White with Black Stripe
Right Rear Speaker (+) White with Blue Stripe Purple
Right Rear Speaker (-) Blue Purple with Black Stripe
Left Rear Speaker (+) White with Blue Stripe Green
Left Rear Speaker (-) Red with Blue Stripe Green with Black Stripe
Power Zone
Memory (+12v Constant) Green Yellow
Ignition (+12v Switched) Yellow/Black
Ground (-) Black or Fat Red
Illumination Orange
Dimmer Orange/White
Power Antenna Blue (varies greatly)

Please click here for particular Ford car models
Ford Taurus – temporary unavailable
Ford Edge – to be updated
Ford Escape – temporary unavailable
Ford Explorer – temporary unavailable
Ford Fiesta – temporary unavailable
Ford Focus – temporary unavailable
Ford Mustang – to be updated

Once again please email us if you have any correct information about car stereos color codes for Ford cars. Click here to see other color codes for car stereos for other car brands.


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