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Color Codes for Car Stereos


Panasonic car stereo

Here is the compilation of all color codes for car stereos for all kind of cars including Ford, Dodge Mercury, GMC, Toyota, GM, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Honda, Nissan, Peugeot, Fiat, Suzuki, and among others. Different types of car stereo brand were used in different kind of cars like Pioneer, Kenwood, or HVC. Some wire colors may be different than colors describe here. It is depends on the car brand and model year. Therefore please check properly the car model before starting any job.

Generally, there are two major parts when fixing a car stereo which are power and speakers. Usually there will be six important major colors for power which are Memory, Ignition, Ground, Illumination, Dimmer, and Power Antenna. It is easier for speakers, all you have to remember is Right Front (+), Right Front (-), Left Front (+), Left Front (-), Right Rear (+), Right Rear (-), Left Rear (+), Left Rear (-). Some cars have mid speaker and there will be extra four wires to Right Mid (+), Right Mid (-), Left Mid (+), and Left Mid (-).

Ford – Car Stereos color codes for Ford

Currently, we have only Ford car stereo’s color code.

Car stereos wire color codes can be found in the owner’s manual or user manual. If you have lost it, you can download it for free online.

Tips: You can always unplug the battery connector when you want to fix the car stereo. A voltmeter, test radio, and a polarity tester will be helpful when doing the wiring job. Check properly before reconnect the battery and switch on the ignition. We do not responsible for any misprints about the information shared here.


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