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How do I get a jammed CD out of a car stereo


Technique and tips on how do I get a jammed CD out of a car stereo is shared here. Getting jammed CD out of a car stereo is easier than you can imagine. It is not any serious car problems when a CD jammed inside the car CD player but it is something always makes us feel irritable. It may anytime screw up a date when the romantic songs are gone!

Here are the top 5 techniques to get a jammed CD out of a car CD player easily regardless of the player brand either Pioneer, Kenwood, JVC, or factory made CD player in car.

Reset the car stereo

You can always reset the car stereo or CD player to get the jammed CD out from the stereo. This can be done by figuring out which fuse controls the player. Once you have found it, pull the fuse out for one to ten minutes and replace it with no key in the ignition. This technique works best and easy. Check out the car owner’s manual if you are not sure where the fuse is.

Unplug the battery to get the CD

This technique is simple and straight forward. Unplug the batter for roughly 10 minutes and replace it back. This will reset your car stereo and the jammed CD will out automatically. The only weakness of this way is you will lose all the radio preset and settings.

Use tweezers

Use tweezers to pull the CD out. This can be done pretty easy by pressing the eject button. The CD player just need a little bit more help to push the jammed CD out.

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Get a jammed CD out from multiple disc player

For multiple disc player, read the user manual carefully. Some manual will show you how to get a jammed CD out from the car stereo. One of the easiest way is to press the eject button and load button at the same time. This has been done by a lot of people and proven it is working!

Force eject the jammed CD

This can only be done with CD player that has a force-eject hole. It is a very small hole around your CD player. Get a hair pin, needle, or a paper clip (you will have to straighten it), poke into the force-eject hole and push it all the way in. The CD will be forced out in this way.

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