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Play iPod through car CD player


There are many ways to play iPod through car CD player without have to make any holes to the dashboard or modify the CD player. Here we shared the top 3 easiest, cheapest, and simplest ways to play song from iPod through your car CD player or car stereo. A small hole you made to the dashboard will bring down the car price when you want to sell the car in future. Therefore, don’t go for any method that needs to modify your CD player or dashboard.

In the market there are many ways to play songs from iPod or iPhone through car CD player. Some require extremely trouble set up method and some require expensive costs just to play song in car. Here are the top 3 cheapest way and all these solution costs less than $10 dollars. See also: Plug iPod into car CD player.

Play it through AUX port

The easiest and fastest way is to purchase an AUX cable which connects the iPod to AUX IN port in your CD player. A 1/8-inch to 1/8inch patch cable is the best recommended. However, this only applicable for CD player that has an AUX IN port. If you are driving 2010 Kia Soul or newer model year, this is the best method because the car itself has built-in AUX IN port for iPod.

Play iPod through FM Modulator

Play it through an FM Modulator is pretty easy and it is suitable for all kind of CD player that do not have any AUX IN port. Simply plug in the FM Modulator to the car cigarette lighter socket and it will work. All you need to do is set and synchronize the frequency of the modulator with your CD player, for example, set both to 108.80, and then connect your iPod to the modulator with auxiliary cable provided. The cheapest FM Modulator available in the market can be purchased at $3 dollar which is made in China.
Car FM Modulator

Connect iPod through Cassette Adapter

Cassette adapter is another cheap solution to play iPod through the car stereo. It costs $3 to $10 depending on the quality of the cassette sensor. Cassette Adapter comes with an auxiliary cable which connects to your iPod. Just slip the cassette into the stereo’s tape deck and you can play songs from iPod or even iPhone. It is still one of the best methods to play songs from iPod through car stereo although most of the cars nowadays do not come with tape deck anymore.


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