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What size speakers fit my car


Here we give you delicious tips on how to choose the speakers size that best fit into your car. The theory bigger sounds better do not apply to car speaker. There are many factors that consideration you need to take when choosing the right speaker size for your car such as the speaker power, speaker input, and output for your car. The most important thing is it has to match with your player or your amplifier.

Generally, there are three types of car speakers equipped to your car which is the front tweeter, mid speaker that usually fitted under dash, front or rear car door, and also rear speakers that placed behind the rear seats. For some ICE (In Car Entertainer) player will add subwoofer to the car and this is usually placed at car boot.

Standard car speakers come with circles shape or oval shape depends on which type. Tweeter and mid speaker are mostly come in round shape while rear speakers usually shaped in ovals. Common oval speaker sizes are 6” x 9” (known as six nine), 4” x 6”, 4” x 10”, 5” x 7” while general circle speakers are 6.5” (measured by the outside diameter), 5.25”, 6”, 6.25”, 6.5”, 6.75”, 7”, 7.5”, 7.75”, and among others. Although these are the standard speaker size for majority cars, but one most important question is still what size speakers will fit the car nicely?

How to find out speakers size that fit my car?

The easiest way to find out the speaker size that fit to your car is to check on the car owner’s manual. Most of the owner’s manual stated clearly what are the speaker size that best fit the car as well as other optional sizes that will fit to the car. Do not worry if you have lost the owner’s manual.

In general, most of the tweeters are able to fit to any cars as long as the output from your player is match with the input to the tweeter. This is because tweeter can be placed on both sides at the dashboard easily. For mid and rear speakers, it is recommended to remove the original speaker and measure what is the size of the speaker and purchase a new one follow this size. To remove rear speakers, you can access it easily from car boot by removing few screws that hold the speakers. The speaker’s performance is usually labeled behind the speakers to tell you the input as in Watt (W) and also Ohm (Ω).


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