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Car CD player eject problems


5 main solutions to solve car CD player eject problems has been shared out here. It is not a serious problem like your car engine won’t start but sometimes it can be irritated or feeling annoyed when you want to change the CD in your car but the CD won’t eject in car stereo. It is a common thing happens to some of the cars in our daily life especially old car stereo or cars under 500 dollars. Therefore, learn the tricks to solve it are a good way to bring the beautiful music while you are driving the car to work or to some place.

2 major problems

  • Label on CD. This usually is the major cause a CD not able to eject out from the stereo or the player. Most of the people like to put their own label on the burned CDR or stomp it right away on top of the CD. The sticker will stuck the CD inside the player if the sticker is too thick or it has not been clump properly onto the CD.
  • CD player gear out of position/stripped. Another problem is most likely the gear in a CD player is out of its position or the tooth is broken. The sled motor will run and the gear will pick up the CD when a CD is ejected. If the gear out of position, the CD will not eject out appropriately.

Top Five Solutions

  • Force-eject. If the CD player in your car having a “force-eject” hole, things can be very simple. Get a pin or a small nail, poke into the force-eject hole and push it all the way in until the CD is forced out.
  • Disconnect the CD player for about 10 minutes. Find out the fuse that control the CD player, unplug or pull out the fuse without turn on the ignition of the car. Leave it for roughly 10 minutes. If you are not familiar with the fuse box controller, you can simply unplug the negative battery cable, same method to leave it for 10 minutes and connect it back. This is not a 100% way but overall it works well for most of the CD player in car. For Ford owner, you may want to check out the free ford wiring diagram to find out the fuse controller. For some other cars you can find out the owner manual here: BMW M5 2006 Owner’s Manual, BMW z3 owner’s manual, 2005 BMW m3 convertible owners manual, Free Ford Mondeo owners manual, Free ford wiring diagrams…etc or other free user manuals.
  • Using tweezers. Another easy technique is using a tweezers to pull the CD out. This has to be done simultaneously by pressing the eject button with power going on in the car. This is because the sled motor will still push the CD and you can manually clip it out.
  • Special car CD player. For some CD player that has 2 parts which the front part can be removed by pressing the security button on the CD player.A good way to remove a stuck CD from this kind of player is to remove the front part of the player, then just pull the CD out by using another CD. However, this is just one of the method, you will still have to refer to the owners manual of your car. Mercedes-benz slk owners manual is available here if you need it.
  • Eject multiple disks CD player. This is for certain CD player that able to place multiple CDs. For some brands, the changer will cycle and eject any stuck CD by pressing the eject button and load button at the same time.

In conclusion, this is just the 5 simple ways to solve car CD player eject problems. Sometimes if the CD won’t eject in car stereo may due to some serious problem. “MalaysiaMiniLover car problems solutions center” will still recommend you to send the player or the car back to the factory if it is still under warranty, let the pro handle the job.


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