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Rubber car floor mats

Rubber car floor mats is something you need to change no matter what kind of cars you are having. Here are some of the delicious reviews for some of the most famous rubber floor mats for different types of cars that you shouldn’t miss. Read and find out which type of floor mats is really suitable for your car so that you will not spend extra money on something not necessary. See also decorative car floor mats.

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How to build a toy car

Here are some sweet steps on how to build a toy car from scratch and 3 tips to build a toy car using recycle parts in cheapest and simplest way. Building a toy car using recycle materials can save the world. Other than that, the process to build a toy car can foster the relationship between parents and son at the same time. Toy cars can be made from almost everything like recycle tin, wood, water bottle, bottle caps, toothpicks, ice cream sticks, and among others. Here we shared 5 …

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How to build a rubber band car

How to build a rubber car in few easy steps? Here we share few simple and basic steps to build fast and cool rubber band car simply using some cheap rubber band. These cars can go very fast and will not lose to mousetrap car. What makes it challenge is you can join the competition and see whose rubber car go the fastest. Excited? Let’s get yourself prepare and check out the steps now.