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Rubber car floor mats


rubber car floor mats

Rubber car floor mats is something you need to change no matter what kind of cars you are having. Here are some of the delicious reviews for some of the most famous rubber floor mats for different types of cars that you shouldn’t miss. Read and find out which type of floor mats is really suitable for your car so that you will not spend extra money on something not necessary. See also decorative car floor mats.

There are many types of rubber floor mats available for sale in the market through online or at any car accessories stores around you. Well, the main objective of having an extra rubber floor mats in your car is to protect your car interior and carpet from water, mud, or any other dirty things. To find the best rubber floor mats for your car, you can start to choose base on the brand, price, style, color, as well as shape.

Well, price range for rubber floor mats is various depending on the quality. It is cheap and usually you will get a very good one under $100 dollars. Price is cheaper compared to all-weather floor mats, carpet floor mats, and personalized floor mats. Off course, you don’t spend $1,000 on rubber floor mats for a Honda or Toyota.

Here is the review for some of the famous car floor mats brand available for sale in the market:

FANMATS – FANMATS is one of the famous car floor mats you can find in the market. The price range is usually $24 to $28 for one pair. FANMATS also offers antique car replacement rubber floor mat and not just new car.

Firestone – Firestone is simple, nice, and cheap. The price range is in between $30 to $40 for full set including front and rear floor mats.

Hexomat – Although you may find Hexomat rubber car floor mats price higher in between $50 and $60, every penny you pay for is worth. The floormats stays flexible in any temperatures and fit nicely against your car carpet.

Husky Liners – Husky Liner offers several types of rubber mats from weather beater to heavy-duty. The price range is in between $40 and $60.

Lloyd – Lloyd also has several different styles to choose. Lloyd offers styles including Rubbertite, Velourtex, Ultimat, and Berber. Price range is various from $15 to $30 depending on the quality.

Nifty – Nifty is more than just a usual rubber car mat, why we say so because Nifty mats are designed with a moisture barrier and molded outer edge to grab all the debris and dirt. It is a five star car mats that has good rating from users. If you want a perfect rubber made floor mats, Nifty is best for you to choose.


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