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How to build a car rotisserie

Here are the steps by steps guide on how to build a car rotisserie for any kind of cars. It is best for people who would like to DIY and build a car rotisserie with low budget. A new car rotisserie cost around $1,200 to $1,700 dollars and you can build one with the budget in between $500 and $800 dollars. The biggest satisfaction is the Do It Yourself work while money is the second. Check this out!

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Solar Powered Toy Car

Here are the delicious five steps on how to build a solar powered toy car. Build a make solar toy cars are something fun although there are many cheap solar toy cars for sale in the market. The cheapest solar toy car you can find in the market is as low as $2 dollars. DIY to build one will cost more than that because of the cost of buying a solar panel. However, fun and experience is something money can’t buy. Check it out these steps.

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Solar Powered Cars

Here are some of the most sought-after solar powered cars available on the planet today and the information on how solar powered cars work. If you are truly a solar cars enthusiast you can create a solar by yourself or convert a gasoline powered donor car (you can also use cars under 500 dollars or cars under 1000 dollars) to solar powered. However, do more research and follow some of the project which has been done by other people on this planet will be a good guide to create a …

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Car battery replacement

Car battery replacement is something you can’t avoid to do every year or every two years no matter what cars you are driving. Car battery life cycle is usually less than two years. Only if you are lucky, you get more than two years but it won’t over three years. Well, that’s the reason why most of the car battery manufacturers give up to 15 months warranty on their batteries.

Mini Cooper User Manual »

Mini: How to fix windscreen fillet to your Mini

This is an article with video showing you how to fix the windscreen fillet to your Mini car if you have recently purchased the windscreen chrome fillet. This hardness task is 4 out of 5 if you have never done this before, if you have, it just take you less than 10 minutes to do it nicely.

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How to make car seat covers?

Here are the five easy steps on how to make car seat covers and some great tips on how to make nice looking two-tone car seat covers. Although there are many car seat covers selling out there cheaply but DIY a car seat cover will bring you a big satisfaction. It does not require a wonderful sewing skills but it requires patience and time to make the job perfect. Check out the five easy steps now!