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Here are some of the most sought-after solar powered cars available on the planet today and the information on how solar powered cars work. If you are truly a solar cars enthusiast you can create a solar by yourself or convert a gasoline powered donor car (you can also use cars under 500 dollars or cars under 1000 dollars) to solar powered. However, do more research and follow some of the project which has been done by other people on this planet will be a good guide to create a DIY solar car.

solar powered cars

If you ask does solar powered cars have an effect on earth, the answer is 100% a YES! Solar powered cars use the sunlight as resource and it is zero emission to earth. Imagine if all gasoline powered cars running on the road today has changed to solar powered, we will see no more emission from gasoline powered cars. See also: solar cars of the future, solar Car Battery Charger.

Solar powered cars history

The first few famous solar powered cars were the one developed in 1977 by Ed Passerini which called the “Bluebird”, the “Quiet Achiever” in 1982 built by Larry Perkins, and the one in 1984 by Greg Johanson and Joel Davidson. Since then, many university and private organization has fall in love with solar powered vehicle and keep on inventing the idea of making a reliable car that is completely powered by solar energy. However, safety is always a big concern if a solar powered vehicle would like to run on the same road with gasoline powered cars.

How solar cars work?

If you intend to build a solar powered car, there are few things you need to know in details especially the power calculation. Solar cars use photovoltaic cells (PVCs) to convert the sunlight into electricity. PVCs are the components in solar panel and you can buy ready made solar panels at car accessories shop or any solar electric system stores.

There are two ways to build a solar car. First is to design the solar power direct goes to the motor and power it to move the car. Second is to design the solar power goes to the battery and store in it so that the car will be able to move on any days even without sunlight.

Cost to build solar powered cars

Photovoltaic cells cost anywhere from $10 dollars to $400 dollars per cell. It depends on how many energy you need to power the motor. It could be very expensive and out of your budget.

Solar powered car body

The car body has to be as light as possible but as tough as it could be. A very good example you can follow is the solar powered cars by Vivianne and Stewart Lister. Both these Kiwi couple built a solar car with light weight body and entered the famous World Solar Challenger that is held every 3 years from Darwin to Adelaide in Australia. The total journey is 3,006 km long.

In conclusion, you can build your own solar cars although solar cars or solar vehicles are not sold everywhere at present. Own any solar powered cars can be one of the happiest things in the world if you love cars.


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