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Car battery replacement


Car battery replacement is something you can’t avoid to do every year or every two years no matter what cars you are driving. Car battery life cycle is usually less than two years. Only if you are lucky, you get more than two years but it won’t over three years. Well, that’s the reason why most of the car battery manufacturers give up to 15 months warranty on their batteries.

Here are the simplest 5 steps to replace a car battery when the battery has reached its lifetime. Follow these 5 steps and you will find car battery replacement is easier than you can imagine.

1. Check the battery

Try to jump start the car to see if the battery is still working fine. See how to jump start a car. Drive the car for at least 30 minutes. Try to start the car again, if it is fail to start, the battery need to be replaced.

2. Choose the correct car battery for replacement

Different car has different size of car battery. To make things easy, just bring your car make, model, and model year to the shop and buy the same battery. In most of the country, if you bring your old battery to trade-in, you will get some discount or without have to pay any core fee.

3. Disconnect the cable or battery terminals

Now disconnect the battery terminals. You will have to start from the negative (- sign, usually in black color) terminal then positive (+ sign, usually in red color) terminal. Loosen the cable clamp with a wrench and you can slide it off easily.

4. Remove the car battery

Now you can unfasten the battery holder, remove screws (if there is any), and remove the battery out from the car hood. Battery weighs at least 13 to 30 kgs or 30 to 60 pounds!

5. Replace new car battery

Clean the terminal clamps, the battery holder, and the area around it before you place the new battery. Place the new battery to the place where you took the old battery out from the car. Connect positive terminal, and then negative terminals. Connect the clamps and then tighten with wrench. Don’t forget to reconnect the bars, and tighten all the screws.

Things to remember:

  • Always remember that old car batteries can be trade in, can be recycled. Most of the battery supplier will purchase old batteries.
  • You will have to reset the clock and some electronic equipment in your car after replaced a new battery.
  • Different car has different replacement for battery. For example, the ‘60s Volkswagen Beetle has it under the back seat, the classic Mini’s battery located at the boot, some Porsche is located under the hood, and among others.

There are many car battery brands available for sale in the market, you can choose it base on the warranty they provide, some car battery manufacturers give up to 36 months warranty.


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