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How to make car seat covers?


Here are the five easy steps on how to make car seat covers and some great tips on how to make nice looking two-tone car seat covers. Although there are many car seat covers selling out there cheaply but DIY a car seat cover will bring you a big satisfaction. It does not require a wonderful sewing skills but it requires patience and time to make the job perfect. Check out the five easy steps now!

red car seat

Step 1 Measure you seat

First of all, measure the car seat size. It can be done in several ways. You can measure it with measuring tape. Measure the car seat separately. For example, measure each individual piece that makes up the seat like head rest, arm rest, and the seat.

Step 2 Choose the fabric

Choose the material you prefer to use either fabric, polyester, or leather. Buy two different colors if you would like to make two-tone car seat covers. See also how to make a baby car seat cover.

Step 3 Sewing the car seat covers

You will need a sewing machine to sew the fabric you have just bought. Enlarge the size you measured a little bit and cut the fabric because you will need a little bit extra room to sew. The extra room is to fold into the seat underneath too. That’s how to make the seat covers look nice.

Step 4 Make car seat covers butt pads

Here you can add extra butt pads before sew the covers to the seat. You can sew a little bit polyester as butt pads to make the seat more comfortable to sit on.

Step 5 Complete the car seat covers

Now sew all the pieces together with the butt pads. Make sure you did not sew it too close and make the size smaller than the actual size. One great way to do it is to pin both pieces together then only sew it. Now sew the headrest covers and you can complete the task by placing the seat covers to the car!


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