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Car Maintenance »

How to touch up car paint

Want to know how to touch up car scratches? Here we show you steps by steps on how to touch up car paint if your car has some scratches, rust, or corrosion. No matter what kind of cars you are having, a little rust could expand and end up the car will become a rusty car if you do not take good care of it.

Car Seat »

Cleaning leather car seats

Cleaning leather car seats is something very easy as long as you catch some of the DIY tips here on how to clean leather car seats. Cleaning your leather car seats at some leather shops can costs you a lot of money. Why not follow some of the easy steps here to clean your own car seats during weekend or holiday? It could help you to save some money and it is also a good exercise at the same time.

Car Leasing »

How leasing a car affects qualifying for a home mortgage?

Car leasing always has direct affects to home mortgage qualification. This is because the loan amount allowed for any mortgage is depending on the borrower’s monthly income. If a huge part of the monthly income has gone to car leasing, the chances to get bigger loan amount is lesser.

Car Jump Starters, Technical Tips »

How to jump start a car without jumper cables

Here is the step by step on how to jump start a car without jumper cables. Every step is explained in details with pictures to teach you how to jump start a car when you don’t have any jumper cables. This is unquestionably a very useful technique. Imagine if your car break down half way and another car show up to help but without jumper cables. What are you going to do? Learn up this skill now and who knows one day you may need it?

Wooden Cars »

How to build a wooden car

Here we show you step by step on how to build a wooden car in details with pictures. The method to build a wooden car is the easiest among all other techniques. You can learn these steps and build your own wooden car although you can buy a ready made wood model car. You can also spend some quality time with your child to teach him how to build a wooden car in few easy steps. With some extra tips, you can even build a wooden race car that goes …

Car Buying, Impounded Cars »

Buy Police Impounded Cars

Buy police impounded cars or purchase impounded cars from any police impounded auctions can be extremely cheap if compare the price with market price. This “extremely cheap” could up to 90% off market value when there are a lot of impounded cars for sale and fewer bidders in the auctions.