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Buy Police Impounded Cars


Buy police impounded cars or purchase impounded cars from any police impounded auctions can be extremely cheap if compare the price with market price. This “extremely cheap” could up to 90% off market value when there are a lot of impounded cars for sale and fewer bidders in the auctions.

Almost everyday everywhere every state in the U.S. is having impounded cars for sale. This is because there are many cars violate traffic rules or state law. Some of the impounded cars are from people who did not pay state tax or have a number of speed fines or parking fines and did not intended to pay. Do not worry about these impounded cars or seized cars because you will not find any impounded cars for sale that involve in any murder case. They are safe to buy and mostly in low mileage because the cars have been sitting in police’s garage for a certain period of time. Here are some of the wining bids:

  • 1992 Honda Accord, 214,000 miles – $650
  • 2002 Buick Century, 211,000 miles – $550
  • 2004 Chevy Impala, 51,000 miles – $2,800
  • 2000 BMW 540, 25,000 miles – $3897.47

Steps to buy police impounded cars

1. Find out where and when the impounded auction will be on going. Whether you are in Tampa Florida or San Diego, you can always run to the local police station and find out the most recent auction date and time.

2. Now get the list of cars or vehicles to be sold. Usually the list will out in a week or two before the auction date.

3. Plan what car you want and what is your maximum budget. There are always good and luxury cars including Bentley, Cadillac, Ferrari, Lincoln, Hummer, or Porsche. You can also find car brands like Chevrolet, Toyota, or Ford.

4. Check out the market price of the car in your wish list so that you will have a rough guide. Kelly Blue Book (kbb.com) or Nada are both best guides. Find out the highest and lowest value of the car in your wish list.

5. Now you are prepared to go for the next nearest police impounded car auctions.

Where to buy police impounded cars?

You can get all the details for past and future police impounded car auctions at the nearest local police department. Other than police station, DEA, FBI, IRS, border patrol, or even banks are those authorities who seized cars that violate the law. These places are where you can find information regarding impounded or seized cars for sale. Alternatively, you can also check on USA.gov or gov-auctions.org if you would like to check and buy police impounded cars online.


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