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How to touch up car paint


Want to know how to touch up car scratches? Here we show you steps by steps on how to touch up car paint if your car has some scratches, rust, or corrosion. No matter what kind of cars you are having, a little rust could expand and end up the car will become a rusty car if you do not take good care of it.

In this article we will teach you how to touch up car paint scratches, chips, corrosion, or rust in the simplest four steps as well as in the cheapest way.

Step 1: Prepare all essential tools

Process one to paint a car

Prepare putty knife or paint scraper, sandpapers, Duplicolor paint pen, brush applicator, and prepare a botol of paint that has the same color with your car. You can drive your car to car paint shop and have them custom car paint for you. They will mix the color and make a botol of custom car paint which has the same color with your car. This usually cost $5 to $15 depends on the paint color.

Step 2: Remove all the rust

Process two to paint a car

Now you really have to learned how to repair car paint chips. If the car is very rusty, use putty knife or paint scrapper to remove the major rust until it looks like the pictures shown here. After that you can use crude sandpapers to remove the remaining rust and then use fine sandpapers to sand it until the surface is free of rust.

Step 3: Prepare to touch up the car paint

Process three to paint a car

Before you spray the paint on it, you have to make sure the body is 100% clean without any dirt or rust. The paint will not properly adhere and the rust will spread under the paint if it is not fully removed. Clean it with clean water or Isopropyl alcohol. You can fill up small chips with Duplicolor paint pen if there are any. For medium chips, you will need to use the brush applicator.

Step 4: Touch up the car paint

Process four to paint a car

Last step is one very important step. Make sure the rust part is fully dry up and make sure you perform the spraying job in an environment that free of bugs or any flying insects. Wrapped the part that you do not want to paint it and you can spray the color to the car. Wait for several hours until the first layer is dried then spray another time if you want a perfect job. Now what? Finished! That’s how to touch up car paint in simple four steps.


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