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Water cooled car seat

Car seat can sometimes bake our ass during hot hot summer. Solutions? Use water cooled car seat. Water cooled car seat can reduce the heat at the back of the passenger and cool off the ass for sure. For baby or infant car seat, you can purchase a self-cooling infant car seat from the market directly. There are many types of liquid cooled car seats available in the market for baby or infant. In the market, it is uneasy to get a car seat which already has water-cooled system. However, …

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Cleaning leather car seats

Cleaning leather car seats is something very easy as long as you catch some of the DIY tips here on how to clean leather car seats. Cleaning your leather car seats at some leather shops can costs you a lot of money. Why not follow some of the easy steps here to clean your own car seats during weekend or holiday? It could help you to save some money and it is also a good exercise at the same time.

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Safety First car seat recalls

Here is the A-list of Safety First car seat recalls over the past years and reasons of these car seats being recalled by Safety First. Safety First is well-known for its innovative baby car seats, infant car seats, strollers, high chairs, and among others. However, just like some other famous car seats brands (see: Graco car seat recall), it does have some models are being recalled. Check out the list here so that you can scale down your buying options and choose the best car seats for your needs.

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What age does a child not need a car seat?

When a child do not need a car seat, infant car seat or baby car seat? When can a child ride in the front seat of a car? You can find the answer here. We always said “Safety first” but every year there are many children injured or killed in car crashed because of parent’s negligence and did not prepare a proper infant seat for their children. It is parents responsible to place the child properly whenever riding in a car.

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Car seat cushion

Here is the A-list of car seat cushion to provide comfort and alleviate sciatica with orthopedic function. The cushion is build with high quality memory foam. There are many car accessories shop selling car seat back support cushion where you can simply add this cushion to your existing car seat as an extra support to your bump and backbone. Some is just a seat cushion, some are with the backbone support, some even with a build in fan under your bump! The extra seat cushion helps a lot especially when …

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Graco car seat recall

Here is your detail A-list of Graco car seat recall over the year and reasons of these car seats recalled by Graco. It helps you to scale down your buying options. There are over millions of car seats have been recalled over the years and this has included stroller, infant car seat, baby carriage, buggy, nautilus car seat, snugride infant car seat, and some others. The most recent Graco recall 1.5 million stroller reported from CNNMoney.com on 20 January. Let’s check out the recall list!