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What age does a child not need a car seat?


When a child do not need a car seat, infant car seat or baby car seat? When can a child ride in the front seat of a car? You can find the answer here. We always said “Safety first” but every year there are many children injured or killed in car crashed because of parent’s negligence and did not prepare a proper infant seat for their children. It is parents responsible to place the child properly whenever riding in a car.

Child car seat

It depends on which state you are in, the child’s height and weight. For example car seat laws in Florida are different with New Jersey. Usually there is a standard guideline and all these information are stated by the federal law. Let’s put the child safety first. Car seat belt are made for adults, it is not suitable for any children whose height is less than 4’ 9” or 149 centimeters (cm). Generally, a child will reach these heights between 8 and 12 years of age depends on how the child grows.

If the car seat belt is not able to lies across the middle of the chest and shoulder of a child, he or she should use a booster seat for safety purpose. Keep in mind that seat belt is not made to lies across the neck or throat to kill a child.

It is also important to know where you should place the child either at front seat or rear seat. Most of the new cars today come with front air bags and it can be unsafe for children. It is recommended to put your child at the back seat.

How to choose child car seat?

For a new born baby, Infant seats is best for them and it should ride rear-facing until they reached at least 1 year of age and at least 20 pounds (9 kilograms). We advice children to use infant seats until they outgrown the rear-facing seat. You can then change to Toddlers or preschoolers which is convertible and forward-facing seats with harnesses. When your child outgrown the forward-facing seat, you will have to change to booster seats until their height reach at least 4’ 9” to use the adult seat belt.

In conclusion, the average age that a child does not need toddlers or booster seat is between 8 and 12 years of age, the average age of a child to sit at front seat is 13 years of age or above.


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