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Water cooled car seat


Car seat can sometimes bake our ass during hot hot summer. Solutions? Use water cooled car seat. Water cooled car seat can reduce the heat at the back of the passenger and cool off the ass for sure. For baby or infant car seat, you can purchase a self-cooling infant car seat from the market directly. There are many types of liquid cooled car seats available in the market for baby or infant. In the market, it is uneasy to get a car seat which already has water-cooled system. However, there are many ready-made liquid-cooled car seat cushions which can easily fix to any kind of cars. Check out the top three water cooled car seats available in the market here.

Thanko’s water cooled car seat cushion

Thanko water cooled car seat cushion
During hot summer with heat wave, stepping into the car is like stepping into a big microwave. Car AC may require 5 to 10 minutes to make the car cool after it is on when the weather is hot. Long journey may make your back sweat. This can be solved with a piece of water cooled car seat cushion from Thanko. How it works? The Tanko water cooled car seat cushion has a bottle to fill with frozen water. Simply connect the plugs to any car’s cigarette lighter and the mechanism will runs. It pumps the frozen water to the seat and creates circulation. This can bring down the seat temperature from above 60 degree to 28 degree. The price to pay to avoid your ass burn for is $200+. It is one of the cool car interior accessories that many people overlook.

SummerSeat self-cooling car seat cushion

Self-cooling car seat cushion
With the size of 40”H x 18.5”W x 1.5”D, this piece of self-cooling car seat cushion puts a breezy and breathable layer between passenger’s body and the seat. The product also feature a 1-hour auto-shut off timer and it draws only 1.5A. Price is what makes it attractive. It is available for sale at many car accessories shop including Amazon from $50.

Cool or Heat car seat cushion

Water cooled car seat cushion
Cool or Heat is an expert in making sleep pad and now they have come to car seat cushion. This product will be available in December 2011. Unlike other liquid-cooled car seat cushion, it can cool up the car seat and it also can heat up the car seat during winter time. Why we say they are expert because Cool or Heat car seat cushion has an outstanding energy saving functions. It only needs 30 watts of power and it comes with 12V power adapters for it to be used in car.

If the price of a ready-made cooling cushion is expensive, you can always DIY one that fit your car. In conclusion, many people may never think of the water cooled car seat cushion. When you have one, you will know it is simply a piece of very useful thing especially in the hot hot summer.


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