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Here is the A-list of car seat cushion to provide comfort and alleviate sciatica with orthopedic function. The cushion is build with high quality memory foam. There are many car accessories shop selling car seat back support cushion where you can simply add this cushion to your existing car seat as an extra support to your bump and backbone. Some is just a seat cushion, some are with the backbone support, some even with a build in fan under your bump! The extra seat cushion helps a lot especially when travelling a long journey. It’s time to choose one and try if you never had one before!

The price for a cushion is varying from US$5 dollar to few hundred dollars. It depends on the design, quality of foam, and functionality. A leather cushion usually is more expensive than normal PVC cushion. Some cushions are designed to be heated while some are for cooling purpose. Some other seat cushion available is such as the swivel cushion, wedge cushion which helps to eliminate lumbar and you won’t feel tired. Most of the cushion available in the market nowadays are powered by the car’s cigarette-lighter socket which is just plug and play.

Advantage of car seat cushion

The cushion function is different with car seat covers. Check out the list of advantages of having the extra cushion.

  • It helps people who are short to drive a car.
  • It helps amputees.
  • It helps to alleviate car vibration especially for old cars.
  • Cooling car seat cushion helps during the summer.
  • Heated car seat cushion provides warmth in just few seconds during the winter.
  • It works as protectors to original car seat especially bright color seat.

Some information you might not want to miss:

Amazon or eBay is a good place to drop by before you walk in to any car accessories shop around your area. You can compare the price and read the review from existing customer then only make your decision.


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