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List of Ford concept cars

Here is the list of Ford concept cars from A to Z. Ford concept cars are sexy, cool, and definitely good to give a glance although most of the cars did not go into production. Since 1938, automobile world became vivacious when world’s first concept car was introduced. It doesn’t matter whether concept cars really went into production because it gives people an imagination of how future cars are and how the future world will be. Automobile world will be dulled and colorless without these concept cars.

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Cars, Automobile, and Our World

Our world became more colorful when automobile was invented. There are many vehicle were invented before 1886 including Ferdinand Verbiest’s steam-powered cars (1672), Nicholas Joseph Cugnot’s first self-propelled vehicle (1769), Robert Anderson’s first crude electric carriage (1832-1839) and Gustave Trouve’s electric cars in 1881. However, the Benz Patent Motorwagen is widely recognized as first gasoline-powered car which introduced by Karl Benz in 1886.

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World’s First Concept Car

Have you ever wonder what is the world’s first concept car and when was the first concept car debut? If you ever go to any major auto show and see different kind of cool concept cars, have you ever think why sometimes these cars did not went into production? There are many reasons behind and we will have to trace everything back to its root, back to the first concept car in the world, the 1938 Buick Y-Job.

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Solar cars of the future

Here is your chance to peep some famous future solar cars, cool cars of the future, latest solar concept cars, and what kind of role these cars will play in the future automobile industry. Solar powered cars are cars that powered by the solar electricity and the electricity is from the energy from sun. The electricity can be obtained using solar panels on the surface of the car using solar jacket.

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Cars of the future

Here is your chance to view some cool cars of the future, the latest concept cars, prototype future cars, spy photo of future cars, and future car technologies. By looking at the first car invented and all kind of cars we have in our world today, you must have wondering how the cars in future will look like. If you have ever watch the late 80s movie “Back to the future” you may at least know that our future cars can fly.

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Flying cars is now one step closer to us

You have heard of Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and many other cars manufacturer that build nice luxury cars as well as high performance exotic sports cars. But have you heard of the flying car Terrafugia Transition? This car had proof to us the future flying cars that always appeared in our imagination is now one step closer to us. It has come to more reality since the first car was invented in 1880s.