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Prototype future cars

Here is the delicious A-list of prototype future cars pictures. You can imagine how the future city will look like by looking at all these cool prototype cars. Prototype cars usually having very special visually appealing that attract anyone’s attention similar to super exotic sports cars and it is drivable, “speed-able”, but not yet available for sale to the market.

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Future flying cars

If you asked a kid to draw you future flying cars, what will you get? What you expect the kids to draw you flying cars that will appear in the future world? The definition of a flying car is a car that can be flown and control in the same manner as a road car may be driven. It can be said as a roadable aircraft, a car that can legally travel on roads and can take off or fly off and land as an aircraft at anytime. You may …

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MINI concept cars

BMW MINI concept cars production will roll out in the UK market next year in 2010. According to news from Frankfurt Motor Show, BMW will build new Mini models in England. These concept cars are as cool as the current Mini Cooper but the technology has been enhanced to more automated and more lovely such as the “Buddy Radar” that will alert drivers when other same Mini are close, fun isn’t?

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Cool concept cars

There are a lot of cool concept cars and also weird Japanese concept car appeared lately in the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show. All kind of cool cars, fast cars, sports cars appeared in this Motor Show, but what is lack of for this time are foreign automakers. However, there is always no shortage of new ideas from the Japanese automakers to create all the wonderful and cool concept cars.

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Weird Japanese concept car

Lately a lot of weird Japanese concept cars and cool concept cars are being shown at the Tokyo auto show. It is always said that concept cars are suppose to be overly sporty or invoke thoughts of raw power like back to the future car. But these cars has got a very strange look and it isn’t like any super exotic sports cars but like those car used in the comic “Doraemon” that invoke cartoon cars feeling.