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cool concept cars
There are a lot of cool concept cars and also weird Japanese concept car appeared lately in the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show. All kind of cool
cars, fast cars, sports cars appeared in this Motor Show, but what is lack of for this time are foreign automakers. However, there is always no shortage of new ideas from the Japanese automakers to create all the wonderful and cool concept cars.

The concept cars design is really touch most of car enthusiasts’ heart without have to know why people love cars. The size of these concept cars is small and just nice appetite for small city as well as for high population and pack city. It is best describe as “Living rooms on wheels”.

Honda Skydeck Concept

It derives from the current Odyssey and look downright pedestrian. Sleeky styled exterior, unusual scissor-style front doors, prominent grille flanked by horizontal headlamps make the ‘face’ of this Honda car look fierce and ‘advanced’.

Nissan Land Glider Concept

This is definitely going to be a “Narrow Streets Killer”. The car design is to conquest all the narrow streets and gives all passengers a comfortable trip. The car has also build in with drive-by-wire controls owe their inspiration to aircraft. With this design, the seat is still large enough to give the driver a comfortable drive.

Nissan Land Glider

Mitsubishi Concept PX-MiEV

This car is designed to show a mid-size crossover that plug-in hybrid technology. The car is based on Outlander and styled more toward a cyber look, a stronger body like robot.

Mitsubishi PX-MiEV

Daihatsu Basket Concept

Just like its name “Basket”. The car is truly design to be like a “moving basket on wheels”. Japanese have a very long history in making small cars if you were notice that there is a lot of classic Mini living in Japan in the past few years. Minimalist boxy shape, rugged outdoor spirit on an SUV, and cute can best describe this car.

Why we say these concept cars are cool?

  • The futuristic design tackles car lovers’ heart.
  • Great emissions, fuel economy, low fuel consumption.
  • Convenience to drive, easy to control.

All the concept car names also bring colors to the Motor Show other than the design of the car. You can also check out the list of car names if you have finished see all these cool concept cars.
Daihatsu Basket


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