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Weird Japanese concept car


Honda Puyo
Lately a lot of weird Japanese concept cars and
cool concept cars are being shown at the Tokyo auto show. It is always said that concept cars are suppose to be overly sporty or invoke thoughts of raw power like back to the future car. But these cars has got a very strange look and it isn’t like any super exotic sports cars but like those car used in the comic “Doraemon” that invoke cartoon cars feeling.

The image above is the Honda PUYO shown at the Tokyo auto show lately, we have added the name PUYO to the list of car names. ‘PUYO’ is a Japanese onomatopoeia that expresses the sensation of touching the vehicle’s soft body.PUYO in Japanese is “soft” and this name is given by Honda is meant to convey warm, friendly impression, and also softness to the driver and passenger. Well, if you know the meaning of PUYO in other language is funny, please contribute to “Funniest car names”. If you look at the car picture above, it is really soft! The car has got no edges. The color that looks like an ice cream cake and the entire car body is made from a soft gel like substance. PUYO is designed as “cornerless”, “Seamless Soft Box” form that is kind to both people and environment. Overall, it looks adorable among all Japanese concept cars!

Nissan concept cars

Let’s see this Nissan Pivo 2 (added to the list of car names as well). This is another cute cartoon car that appears in the auto show (See also Bangkok Motor Show 2009). I was wondering is the people who design this car is base on some cartoon cars’ characteristic?

article contributed by: Jamie, Tokyo


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