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Mini concept car
MINI concept cars production will roll out in the UK market next year in 2010. According to news from Frankfurt Motor Show, BMW will build new Mini models in England. These concept cars are as cool as the current Mini Cooper but the technology has been enhanced to more automated and more lovely such as the “Buddy Radar” that will alert drivers when other same Mini are close, fun isn’t?

2009 MINI Concept Coupe or MINI Concept Roadster

These two cars unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show in conjunction with the Mini 50 Celebration. It had totally brought a brand new feeling to all the mini lovers, but it also keeps the BMW Mini Cooper look that is a famous cult icon!

Mini concept coupe roadster

2009 MINI Concept Convertible

Another type of the attractive mini concept cars that unveiled is the Mini convertible or the open-top version. The car looks like a “back to front baseball cap” and it is more cyber and advance look compared to the 1992 Mini British Open.

Mini concept convertible

2006 MINI Concept Detroit

The concept car unveiled in 2006. It is a stretched Cooper look that comes with 1.6 liter I-4 engine with five speed manual transmission. It stretched to a MPV look that competes with the Audi A3, Volkswagen Golf, as well as Acura RSX. All Minis keep to front wheel drive. The car price was roughly around $25,000. However, this wagon is still keep the 2 door look that seems like a future version of the previous MK1 Mini wagon back in years.

2006 Mini concept Detroit

2006 MINI Concept Geneva

This concept car is commemorating the 100th birthday of the Mini creator Sir Alec Issigonis. This also as a reminder of the outstanding victories Monte Carlo Rally from 1964 to 1967 (see also Who is John Cooper?for the Monte Carlo Rally result). The overall impression conveyed by MINI concept Geneva is its strength and muscle with its special car accessories such as the wheel arches, shoulder line, powerdome…etc

Mini concept crossover

What so special for MINI concept cars?

The special technology built into Roadster that will alerts driver when other Roadsters are close. This is because the Mini and MINI has become a “Community Car” or “Club Car” rather than driving alone as a lonely driver.

It is special ever since 1964 when a small red Mini Cooper with white roof driven by Paddy Hopkirk proudly showed its tail lights to all other powerful sports cars. This had brought Mini and MINI a long long history that will never disappear in this world until the future as well as all MINI concept cars.

Mini concept interior


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