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Solar cars of the future


Here is your chance to peep some famous future solar cars, cool cars of the future, latest solar concept cars, and what kind of role these cars will play in the future automobile industry. Solar powered cars are cars that powered by the solar electricity and the electricity is from the energy from sun. The electricity can be obtained using solar panels on the surface of the car using solar jacket.

Solar car
Nowadays more and more solar cars, hybrid cars, electric powered cars, compressed air cars, and hydrogen cars are introduced to the automobile market due to the limitation of crude oil. These had also make the gasoline price keep on raising without going down if you see the gasoline price history.

Today, solar is one of the biggest alternatives of energy although solar powered are not efficient compared to gasoline powered cars. Here are some of the disadvantages of solar-powered cars.

  • Today’s solar cars are not as powerful as gasoline powered cars, but in the future may be it will.
  • The power of solar cars depends on PV cells to convert the sun’s energy into electrical energy but some countries have very limited sun light during winter.
  • The safety issues of solar cars still need to be improved.

Most of the solar cars today built for the purpose of solar car races especially in Australia. There are many types of solar car today, some solar car are designed with PV cells on top of the roof while some allows the owner to charge the electric car through plug-in PV cells installed on their homes. In conclusion, due to the bright future for solar car, automobile maker will focus on to create more reliable and we will definitely able to see more cool solar cars in the future.


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