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Flying cars is now one step closer to us


You have heard of Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and many other cars manufacturer that build nice luxury cars as well as high performance exotic sports cars. But have you heard of the flying car Terrafugia Transition? This car had proof to us the future flying cars that always appeared in our imagination is now one step closer to us. It has come to more reality since the first car was invented in 1880s.

Terrafugia Transition, is the first car that can run on the road and also the first car that able to fly in proper way. The car has already get approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Although this car-airplane-looking vehicle has been appeared in some news before, this time it has come to more reality which a video was taken when it run and fly up to the sky from road.

flying cars

In 1997, a famous movie about flying cars “The Fifth Element” had told us we will have flying cars, flying police cars, flying cab in our future world and now it has come true. The Terrafugia is a 2-door vehicle with 4 wheels and a pair of foldable wing. The overall look like a light aircraft but it also looks like a car at the same time.

Good news is FAA has approved this vehicle as “light aircraft” and also a car. The Terrafugia flying car will roll on its production soon. Until today, there are a total number of 70 people have placed their booking with deposit. The total retail cost according to Terrafugia main website is US$194,000. Surprisingly, it is cheaper than top 10 world’s fastest car. In conclusion, the world is moving faster and faster with technology we have today, in the near future our city may soon just like the movie with all flying cars travelling around us.


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