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Here is your chance to view some cool cars of the future, the latest concept cars, prototype future cars, spy photo of future cars, and future car technologies. By looking at the first car invented and all kind of cars we have in our world today, you must have wondering how the cars in future will look like. If you have ever watch the late 80s movie “Back to the future” you may at least know that our future cars can fly.

future car
Majority of cars run on the road today are powered by gasoline. Gasoline powered cars has a lot of disadvantages to use such as it creates fuel emissions, expensive fuel cost, and large engine size. Nevertheless, it is still one of the best to use in our world today because of the combustion gives faster speed compared to electric powered.

However, gasoline is produced from crude oil and it will be finished one day in future. Therefore, we can foresee future cars will be built using alternate energy sources and alternate material. In today’s society, we have started to see the trend of future cars especially from movies. More hybrid cars, electric cars, solar powered cars, compressed air cars, hydrogen cars are introduced.

Well, one of the coolest ever car you can see from the movie “I, Robot” is the Audi RSQ. It is a concept car built by Audi for the movie. The car does not have wheels but spheres and it has two reverse butterfly doors hinged to the B-posts of the car body, cool, cool, and cool.

Let’s back to the reality, a real flying car that will roll on its production, the Terrafugia Transition. It is the first car that able to run on the road as usual car and able to fly at in proper way. It has recently get the approval from FAA and 70 people have booked the car with deposit for this US $194,000 semi-flying cars.

In conclusion, what we can foresee is the cars of the future will be more energy efficient, less pollution or zero emission, safer, and easier to drive or you don’t even have to drive it anymore.


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