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How to parallel park a car – the best video on Youtube

It’s not surprise that drivers who have been driving for years do not know how to parallel park a car. Parallel parking (some country called it side parking) isn’t something hard as long as you catch the clue – when to turn your steering wheel and which direction. In this video, it clearly shows each step in details and what to take note when parallel park a car. Measure the place, give signal, turn the steering wheel, pull in, and align the car to the best position. The video also …

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Driving Safety Tips: Three things not to overlook

Often there are many things you shouldn’t do while driving such as texting while driving. There are also things you should pay extra attention and superfluous awareness while driving including the top 10 driving safety tips you should know. Here we sorted out three driving safety tips that you may or may not think about it before.

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Driving barefoot

One legged driving, driving with only socks, no-shoes driving, or driving barefoot is not illegal in most of the states, but it is not recommended. The question here is, why need to drive a car or any vehicles with barefoot? When we do a research for 50 guys and 50 girls student, the result surprisingly shows that more girls tend to drive with barefoot.

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Top 10 driving safety tips you should know

Other than the 10 things you shouldn’t do while driving, here we have another top 10 driving safety tips you should know in order to let everyone drive safely on the road. It is good to keep all the driving safety tips in mind and it could reduce the risk of any car accident from happening. Together we can reduce the car accident rates in any states and increase the harmony of driving.

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Texting while driving

There are many people out there who truly understand the dangers of texting while driving, but still, they texting to their friends or family while driving. You will never dare to send text messages while driving if you aware that how many people have died from texting while driving. Texting is not only press and send the message, it also means that do not read any incoming messages.

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Driving Safety Tips: 10 things you shouldn’t do while driving

No matter what kind of cars you are driving, learn these driving safety tips and get to know the 10 things you shouldn’t do while driving. There are too many car accidents happened because of human’s mistake while not the technical error of the car. Often it is because of driver not concentrate enough when driving or driver was distract by many other things. Therefore, keep these 10 driving safety tips in mind no matter where you go.