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Driving Safety Tips: Three things not to overlook


Often there are many things you shouldn’t do while driving such as texting while driving. There are also things you should pay extra attention and superfluous awareness while driving including the top 10 driving safety tips you should know. Here we sorted out three driving safety tips that you may or may not think about it before.

Emergency respond – meet a huge hole

It is not uncommon to meet a huge hole on the road while driving. Sudden reaction is indeed important. Although things may happen in just seconds, keep this in mind. Whenever you notice a huge hole in front of your car while you driving, first thing to do is to look at the rear mirror. Are there any cars following too close? If there aren’t any cars behind, press the brake to stop the car as fast as you can. Otherwise, if you prefer to avoid the hole and continue the journey, try to look at both side mirrors, if there are cars at both sides, all you can do is go through the hole with the minimum speed. Turning the car to any side may cause accident happen if there are any cars or vehicles at other lane.

When riding up on hill

Higher ground always has good weather. Everyone loves to drive up hill. Here is a little driving safety tips to keep in mind. There are several cheap cars where it has very low engine capacity from 850cc to 1500cc. These cars are good to be used on usual road but it may be a little under power while go up hill. Frequently these cars will cause problem because most of the driver not willing to step more on gas paddle or change to lower transmission. What you can do is to switch on the “Over Drive” or “O/D” or “OD” if you are using an automatic transmission car. See how to drive a car for more details.

Hook at the rear mirror

Rear mirror are designed to allow driver to see anything come through the vehicle’s back. Sometimes there are some cars run behind with high beam/high light. This will make the driver eyes in front uncomfortable and cause accident happen. There is a little hook usually in the middle of the rear mirror. Simply press the hook down and you will still able to see anything at the vehicle’s back but the high beam or lights from the car behind will be darkened.
Driving safety tips - using rear mirror


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