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Top 10 driving safety tips you should know


Other than the 10 things you shouldn’t do while driving, here we have another top 10 driving safety tips you should know in order to let everyone drive safely on the road. It is good to keep all the driving safety tips in mind and it could reduce the risk of any car accident from happening. Together we can reduce the car accident rates in any states and increase the harmony of driving.

Is the seat belt is on?

The first thing to do once you have seated in the driver seat is to put on the seat belt. We should learn this from the seven-time F1 World Champion Michael Schumacher. Not only on-track, the greatest F1 drivers of all time always put on his seat belt every time he drives off-track.

Make up while driving

Many girls love to make up while driving especially when late to work. Most of the girls like to use the time between traffic jam to make up. This is not really advisable to do so because make up could distract your driving.

In case you need to change flat tires

Be very careful in case you need to change a flat tire. Pull your car off the road and park it at a safe place. Put the warning signals at least 50m from your car. If you are not travelling alone, have someone to watch out the traffic and redirect the traffic when you are changing the tire. Always prepare a full set of equipment in your car including tire changing tools and jumper cables. See how to jump start a car and how to jump start a car without jumper cables.

Tired? Don’t drive

Don’t drive when you are tired! This is one of the most common driving safety tips. There is a reader from Malaysiaminilover send us an email and said he once experience driving in a very tired mood with his sisters. The car keep goes left where it almost hit the road banner and his sister wake him up. Finally he let his sister drives. From what his sister told him, he started to talk like someone who talked while dreaming. So, don’t drive while tired.

Give signals

Give signals when you want to change driving lane, turn left, or turn right. That could reduce the risk of any unwanted accidents happen.

Driving safety tips for bad weather

The best advice is not to drive during bad weather. However, here is what you should do if you really need to drive in bad weather.

  • Make sure you turn on the car lights (headlights or fog lights) to increase the car visibility. Turn on double signals if it is needed.
  • Reduce the car speed, don’t speed up the car and stay on your lane. Don’t go to someone else lane without any signals.
  • Don’t speed through any standing water on the road. This isn’t funny.

No speeding

Although “No speeding” has been mentioned and mentioned all the time, still there are many people especially teenagers like to drive over speed. Keep this in mind, let your mind control you while not the leg that control the gas pedal.

No children on driver’s seat

In your entire life, you may experience to see that some drivers left the car at the parking lot and he walked away to do some of his stuff that he thinks it is just a 5-minute job. Mostly, sending a letter or photocopy some documents. Often, these people made a mistake by keeping the car engine on with their children at the back seat. Children can climb to the driver seats and accidents can be happened if they children try to release the handbrake (e-brake) or some other things.

Don’t drive angry

Nicholas Cage may teach you to “Drive Angry”, but that is just in the movie or at arcade. Don’t drive when angry. Anger management is very important in driving and also some other things. Anger only makes you look stupid. Drive with emotional content, not anger.

Basic car maintenance, do you follow?

Safety drive is not just about how you drive the car. Car maintenance indeed play an important role. Imagine that you are driving 80mph and a cat run out to the road, suddenly you feel the car brake can’t apply. This is really bad right? Do follow the car maintenance schedule and have your car check by professional mechanics once awhile including tire check, engine oil, transmission oil, and among others.


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